The staff

The Boss.
Also our Lotus Notes expert. Always willing to share is's wissdom with us and chearing us up with a funny remark.
Our trainee.
We do not know a lot about him, except he comes from a country far, far away. He claims to have graduated from his country's best schools, but noone has able to read his diploma.
Our network-guy.
Chaos is his mittlename and he always finds a way to connect things. Do not ask him how - just trust him!!!
Our Microsoft Team.
Give them a MS problem and they crack it before you can figure out the meaning of life.

They are MS certificerted up to their ears because they, as some of the few, knows the MS-way of thinking.
Our dog.
Keeps unwanted visitors away. He might not seem dangorious, but he is a Brittish Pittbull in disguise and a trained watchdog!
Our janitore.
He is lending os a hand, when things are getting hectic.
Our Fountain of Life.
No coke - no work!

Our secretary.
She really knows ... she really does .. she really ... - she knows how to typewrite with more than one finger.
Our Net Work Control guy.
A really nice guy, who have turned a bit wierd after spending too much time, sitting in a dark room just watching computermonitors!

Pic borrowed from WWW.ANDEBY.DK ... and I sill haven't asked for their permision!
Our onsite team.
They are very handy with tools. They are able to take a PC totaly apart and put it together with all it's bits and pieces. Nothing is left over!!!

They are always helpfull towards the users and have time to a funny remark.

They are with us, as a part of a re-socializing project and untill now, we have been very satisfied with them. Nothing has "gone missing".
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