The Helldesk pages should NOT be read, if you do not have any houmor. The contents of the Helldesk, and my inspiration, are found on the great WWW.
I have promised my collagues to mention, that any resemblence whith exsisting personens are not intended and are purely coincidential.
My employer has nothing to do, what so ever, with the Helldesk, except for the fact that they are having me on their payroll. The Helldesk is purely a product of the Webmaster with a great influence from nice collagues!
If you have any comment, do not hesitate mailing Webmaster - I promis to read it! :-))
Please overlook my "spelling" (or lack of same) and my typing errors - I probaply could not hit the right keys because I was laughing! :-))
If I have voilated any copyrights I hope to be forgiven. If any of this stuff is yours and you want it to be removed, please write me and consider it done.
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